Master the Language of Business

Gain confidence around your business finances and become the smart, savvy entrepreneur you know you can be.

How well can you hear what your business is trying to tell you?

Numbers are the language of business and yet for many entrepreneurs and business owners they are shrouded in mystery and magic, making little sense and having little relevance, at least to them.

How would it feel if you were fluent in the language of business and felt confident understanding the nuances of what your business was communicating to you?

How much easier would life be, if you could hear the story your business was telling you and how much better would it be for you, your confidence, your self-esteem and your prosperity if you started telling that story yourself in the same language?

Our Promise

We will show you how to gain fluency in the language of business and give you a completely new perspective on what the numbers are telling you.

This is not about accounting (although it will help you have much better conversations with your CPA and accountants), this is about communicating as an entrepreneur and business owner and gaining confidence and mastery around the language of your business.

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The 5 Business Finance Fallacies That Are Limiting Your Potential 

For business owners who dread dealing with their finances (or avoid them altogether). 

Discover a new way of thinking about your finances give you more freedom and capacity in your business.

Our Courses

GLUE IT! Practitioner

Gain an entirely NEW perspective on the numbers generated by your business and learn to understand what exactly your business is trying to communicate to you. 

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GLUE IT! Master

Take your understanding of the language of business to the next level.

Coming in 2021.

GLUE IT! Wizard

Learn to think like an investor. Use your business experience and financial mastery to create wealth, abundance, and prosperity in and outside of your business.

GLUE IT! Young Adults

Teaching teenagers the basics of finance so they can start successfully in their professional life. 

About Good & Prosper

We build practical financial knowledge that entrepreneurs can put to use immediately, enabling them to become confident and proficient as investors in their own businesses.

We've been investing in, consulting with, and mentoring small and medium sized businesses and their owners for decades. We bring an investors perspective to the challenges of operating an SME business and have learned to appreciate the challenges and perspectives of business owners and entrepreneurs.

We know that many founders and managers have never had a formal business education and have learned the financial side of their businesses on the hoof. Their teachers have been their own accountants or bookkeepers and the accounts they produce. But accountants and CPAs have a different relationship with numbers and assemble them according to the requirements of the law and GAAP, not the requirements of the business or its managers. 

That's why we've set up Good & Prosper to teach our perspective - one that takes a completely different approach to the ones you may be used to: A perspective that allows you to understand what your business is telling you and what you need to hear. 

Become the smart, savvy entrepreneur you know you can be

Gain financial fluency and confidence around all your business numbers.


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