For business owners and entrepreneurs who’re frustrated with their lack of confidence around their financials 

How to master your finances to build
a thriving business with a great culture

Without having to learn accounting or
a heartless “money person”

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The next cohort will start on the 15th April 2021. 

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What’s stressing you most in your business? 


Our bet would be on “money”. 

It’s existential for any business. But most business owners figure it out just enough to exist. And have to exert enormous energy to keep surviving. 

If you ever feel like your business is unpredictable and running you (instead of the other way around)...

If you dread looking at your numbers because they’re just confusing...

And talking to your accountant, tax advisors, or banker doesn’t help because they bombard you with language you don’t understand...

Then keep reading…

Because what follows could be the pivotal moment you look back on at the end of this year when your perception of money has changed by 180 degrees, and you’ve created a system around your finances that gives you energy rather than takes it away. 

But first, do you remember… 

When sharing your financials made you feel
like an impostor


All business owners have to share their financial information at some point. Mostly with bankers when they’re applying for or extending a loan.

In this situation, you know that the person sitting on the other side of the table has all the decision power. And they’re going to judge you based on the quality of your “homework.” If they don’t deem you worthy and give you the money you need, you’re in trouble.  

As you squirm, trying to present your case with confidence, you can’t help but regret that you’ve been postponing ordering your finances. So far, you were always relying on your bookkeeper, but now you couldn’t take him or her with you. 

The feeling of inadequacy grows as the banker asks you questions you don’t understand and don’t know the answer to. You feel like a student whose homework is being torn apart by the teacher. 

The procrastination and abdication of the control of your finances exact its price and puts you on the spot. That’s when you vow never to let that happen again. 

So, what would it look like to be in control of your finances? To understand and speak the language of business?

Your complete transformation in your business and life


We’ve worked with small business owners for decades and have seen their companies transform as soon as they understood their financials. 

Imagine being in the driver seat and insisting on getting your numbers on time.

Now you understand and own them, allowing you to have a new kind of conversation with your team members. 

For example, around finding out which [email protected]$% customers are costing you margins and energy. And finally, following up on the unpaid invoices that have been sitting in the accounts for months. 

For the first time, you're enjoying looking at your financials and feel fully confident in the decisions you’re making as a business owner. 

And you have a clear vision of what you want your business to look like in a year's time and beyond.  

For many business owners, this sounds like an unattainable dream. Mostly because they’ve been let down by the stories they’ve been fed about money. 


It’s time that you hear ...

The 4 liberating truths you need to awaken to right now if you want to finally take control of your financials

Reframe your relationship with
your business finances


Building a people-centric business with a great culture doesn’t have to be at odds with understanding finance and dealing with money. 

In fact, money should always be subservient to the higher values and purpose of your business. Not the other way around. It’s a means to an end, not an end in itself.  

That’s why we teach finance for people people who want to develop a soulful relationship with their financials. 

Once this mindset shift has been made, you’ll never look at your numbers in the same way again.

When you become financially literate, you’ll…

  • Immediately see inefficiencies and reserves in your balance sheet and whole operating systems.
  • Examine your margin structure to find out where you’re creating or losing value.
  • Accept your balance sheet as a canvas on which you’re creating a thriving business. 
  • Have higher confidence in your ability to run and grow your business. 
  • Start to establish your business as an independent sustainable entity, separate from yourself.
  • Truly become an owner of your business (as opposed to a manager).

Ultimately you can work on living out your true purpose through your business (whatever this is for you) and create a legacy.

But who are we to teach you about business finance?


Meet Steven Wilkinson 

Steven has been in the investment business since 1987 as an advisor to and investor in SMBs.

In the last 30 years, he has seen first hand what happens when businesses lose sight of their financials. And has advised many business owners in or in an approaching crisis.

With a degree in German literature, he stumbled into finance because he needed a job. Not a numbers person, he had to make sense of the numbers in his own way, which makes his teaching style so different and refreshing.

Now Steven wants to give every business owner the chance to profit from his knowledge that has served him over decades in many successful deals.


Meet Christeen Era 

Christeen has helped countless businesses significantly improve profitability and set up systems to ensure long-term sustainable financial health.

She has 20+ years of experience and expertise as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, Certified Accounting Professional, Certified Mastery Profit First Professional, Certified Pumpkin Plan Strategist, and a Certified Fix this Next Advisor. 

Besides co-teaching business owners about finance, she’s the President and CEO of Core Growth Strategies, an accounting and business growth strategy solutions provider based in the US.

Thank you so much for this fantastic course Steven. I am very excited to dive in all over again! The content of this course is fascinating to me, particularly since it brings the power of decision and control back home. When the waves are rolling large over our heads it absolutely feels like our autonomy has been robbed and we are at the mercy of some other force, but that is born of ignorance. The picture you've painted tells me otherwise, even though I have a long way to go before I've mastered this information (if I ever do) just knowing the gist of what it means gives me power where I've felt powerless.

Kate McCrae

CEO McCraes Candy, Boston


Financial Fluency Practitioner 

GLUE IT! is our catchphrase for a simple process that lies at the heart of every engagement with financials. 

It means creating habits and knowledge around your finances so that you can hold your business together, whatever the weather or the strain.

This 6-week online course gives you an easy entry point into your financials. 

In hands-on, practical lessons, you’ll build a strong foundation to feel comfortable around your numbers, knowing ...

  • how they are produced
  • what they mean
  • which ones are important
  • how to track them
  • how to keep learning 
  • and how to develop that intimate conversation with your business so that you can understand exactly what it needs to survive and thrive.

By the end, it’s extremely likely that you’ll have genuinely fallen in love with your balance sheet. Instead of seeing it as something that has no meaning, you’ll want to care for and nurture it. Yes, seriously! 

The best thing is that it won’t be a dry and boring lecture about finance, because we’re offering...

An interactive live learning experience specifically created
for business owners and entrepreneurs 

1 live session per week

You’ll meet us and your fellow business owners on Zoom for 60 min each week to learn what you need to know about your finances. In breakout rooms, you’ll get the chance to discuss the concepts with other entrepreneurs.


The best way to learn is to take action. After each session, we have a hands-on assignment for you where you’ll be working with your business's financials.

1 live Q&A session per week

These 60 min are fully reserved for answering your burning questions and helping you overcome any roadblocks


Do you ever feel nobody really understands your struggles as an entrepreneur? Well, you’ll have a community of fellow business owners who are all in the same boat. In our online community forum, you can network, celebrate your wins, and help each other through the tough moments.

These Bonuses are waiting for you

45-min 1:1 Balance Sheet Review

You’ll get an exclusive Zoom call with either Steven or Christeen dedicated to your business. We’ll go over your balance sheet and answer all of your questions.

Bookkeeping Checklist

"You know you have a good bookkeeper if they do this..."

Enrollment for the Financial Fluency Practitioner is now closed. 

The next cohort will start on the 15th April 2021. 

Join the waitlist and we'll keep you updated. 

Here’s what you’ll be learning and doing in the Financial Fluency Practitioner online course in detail

Your guarantee:
How the course will pay for itself


Our promise to you is simple. 

Within the 6 weeks of this course, you’ll discover at least one area of your financials that’s suboptimal.

And when addressed, it will effectively pay for the course in terms of either increased equity, decreased costs, or by freeing up balance sheet reserve. 

If you don’t see this happening after going through the course, we insist that you contact us for a refund. 

Why are we so confident in doing this? 

  1. We haven’t come across a business yet that doesn’t have opportunities for improvement hidden within their financials.

  2. You’ll have full support from us and your peers to find and solve your financial challenges.

  3. The concepts and principles you’ll be learning and implementing have been tested and proven successful for multiple businesses over the years. 

Your FAQs answered

Still undecided?

7 ways to know you’re ready to transform your understanding of business finance in the Financial Fluency Practitioner



  1. You’ve been in business for a while and just want to run a happy company. Because you care deeply about your employees and customers, you’re always looking for ways to do better.  
  2. You’ve been approaching finance with a great deal of respect, but also an underlying feeling that you’re not gonna get it. Every meeting with your accountant or bookkeeper is filled with complicated terminology, and no one has taken the time to explain it to you. 

  3. Your business is growing, and you’ve reached a level of complexity around your finances that you can’t manage with common sense anymore. You realize that you need to establish systems to keep up with what’s demanded of you. 

  4. You’re already investing in a good internal accounting system like Quickbooks or Sage and want to make proper use of it. When you’re receiving the numbers, you’re dying to know what they mean and how you can use them to improve your business. 

  5. You have a clear vision that your business must survive and thrive without you. You know that you can’t always be there and do everything. And you understand that having your finances in order is essential to take a step back from your business.   

  6. You’ve come to terms with the fact that taking care of your financials is the one activity you can’t delegate to someone else. As the business owner, you have the responsibility and are now ready to take it seriously.

  7. You’re excited about learning a new way of thinking about finance. One that demystifies the financial concepts and terms, and shows you how to apply them practically to your business. 

If you caught yourself nodding your head to at least 3 of the 7 points above, then we absolutely can’t wait to meet you in the upcoming cohort of GLUE IT! Practitioner.

The course was something that hadn’t even occurred to me as being possible. But it has really opened my mind to the co-dependency of the two (entrepreneur as investor perspective) to make a more rounded person. Steven’s passion for better businesses really makes this course an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience, which I’d recommend to anyone interested in taking the road less travelled and learning something different.

Thanks for a great course Steven and the Good & Prosper team - lots of things to take away and start working on.

James McKenzie

Head of Finance & Strategy, Kegstar UK

Take the 10x ROI Challenge 


Sure, in the Financial Fluency Practitioner course, you’ll learn to get really comfortable around your business financials. For most business owners, this means a full transformation... 

  • You'll change your relationship with your business specifically and with companies in general. 
  • You’ll become a better leader and a better strategist. 
  • You’ll gain confidence and create new capacity that you didn’t even know existed.

This will ultimately enable you to do more for your customers, your team, and in case you had forgotten, yourself.

But unlike other courses, we don’t want you to wait weeks or months before you maybe, kind of see some results. 

When you join the next cohort, we’ll be working with you to get you a 10x return on your investment from the course asap.

Enrolment for the Financial Fluency Practitioner is now closed. 

The next cohort will start on the 15th April 2021. 

Join the waitlist and we'll keep you updated.